Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fieseler Fi 156 "Storch" in Color

2830 x 3884 pixels - 1,74 MB
An officer board a Fi 156 C, code ?F+YF. The aircraft's engine is already running in preparation for takeoff across the horse pasture

4118 x 2748 pixels - 1,76 MB
A commander departs the Fieseler Storch with two staff officers. The situation maps and papers suggest that they have just attended a situation conference

4138 x 2739 pixels - 2,12 MB
A small Russian village surrounded by forest. The standard in front of the house on the left reveals that the commander of an army corps has set up his headquarters here. In the background is a Fieseler Storch, which was used either to fly the corps commander to visit his front-line units or bring division commanders to him

800 x 522 pixels - 133 KB
Fieseler Fi 156 'Storch' and captured British BSA M20

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