Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paris During Occupation (1940-1944)

1550 x 1087 pixels - 1,2 MB
Outside a military barracks in Paris, German soldiers and band members await a formal inspection

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Oblivious of a nearby cinema for German soldiers, Parisian crowd around a street peddler's table

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German soldiers jostle past civilians to inspect the wares at the Paris flea market. Merchants routinely overcharged the Germans for perfumes and trinkets

2337 x 1391 pixels - 1,9 MB
At a Paris bookstall, a soldier finds a German title among the French and English ones. Newsstands sold a daily paper and dozens of magazines in German

2118 x 2824 pixels - 3,5MB
Accompanied by a smartly dressed friend, Luftwaffe officers study the odds at the Auteuil race track (Paris), where underfed horses ran during the Occupation

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