Friday, November 5, 2010

General der Flieger Josef Kammhuber

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The following (rare) colour photo shows a Luftwaffe night fighter pilot: Manfred Meurer, seen here receiving the Ritterkreuz out of the hands of Gen. Josef Kammhuber in Septtember 1943. This event took place at the airfield of Venlo in Holland.

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  1. I checked this in order to honor not only Kammhuber and his formidable carreer, but also all the other german nightfighers in the Luftwaffe. By the way; Kammhuber with is under the war gruesom ruined face. also visited the swedish royal airforce. This rare picture from Luftwaffe airforce base Venlo shows the caracteristic short german "Fliegerstiefel" bots with breeches.günter.