Monday, July 26, 2010

Oberstleutnant der Reserve Josef Heindl

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Josef Heindl (left) as Führer of Grenadier-Regiment 199 'List'

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Josef Heindl


  1. Hello Kurt Knispel,

    i work on the story of the 57 th. Inf.Div ( and i search for all about of this infantery division.

    Have you fotos?

    thank you

    Hannes Kiessling

  2. Hello.
    My name is Ian Spring.

    I am actually the owner of these two original color photos from Josef Heindl,
    As official owner of the original film. I am in fact the owner of the image copy right.
    I request you to immediately remove these 2 images from this blog. If this is not done.. I will contact your blog hosting company and make an official complaint.

    Thank you very much.
    Ian Spring.