Monday, July 19, 2010

Generalleutnant Fritz Bayerlein

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Erwin Rommel (right) with his Chief of Staff Oberst Fritz Bayerlein discussing the map

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Fritz Bayerlein (center) with Fritz Moosmüller (right)

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Fritz Moosmüller (left) with Fritz Bayerlein (right)


  1. These color photos of Bayerlein belong to Bernd Peitz, also published in his AK color book "Afrikakorps in Color" by Schiffer Publising. Also, Bernd gave me permission to print these color photos in my biography of General Bayerlein, also by Schiffer publishing, in 2003. I hope you have Bernd's permission to use these photos?

  2. I got this picture from Wehrmacht Awards Forum, and all the sources for the pics already listed in here: