Thursday, February 11, 2010

Generaloberst Eduard Dietl

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It was originally posted on Axis History Forum by AHF member "ttvon". The Luftwaffe Oberleutnant to Dietl's left is Konrad Knabe (a future RKT on 16.04.1943 as a Kettenführer with the Aufklärungsstaffel 1.(F)/124 (Kette Lappland), this according to AHF member "joerg". The Heer Officer is unidentified but Dietl's Signals Officer Oberleutnant Fürst Windisch-Grätz has been suggested by AHF member "Juha Hujanen".

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Eduard Dietl and pet

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Eduard Dietl

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Eduard Dietl

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  1. HI. Is it possible in touch of head with the tip of the gun, the bullet entry wound being larger than bullet exit wound????? And the rupture of the skull in high levels it is entrance or exit? I ask because your answer helps me to prove the right one Gun is AK47 and bullet is 7.62*39.